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Liquid Oxygen Tanks

We are trusted manufacturer and exporter Liquid Oxygen Tank from India. Our wide range of cryogenic liquid storage tanks are frequently employed in oxygen and nitrogen production industries. The tanks are engineered professionally in order to store the maximum output and require low maintenance and upkeep cost. The implementation of new and latest design saves the time on installation process and thus helps the tank in becoming easier & fulfilling the flow requirements of gas and liquid applications.

Liquid Oxygen Tank (Horizontal)
Liquid Oxygen Tanks (Vertical)

Technical Specification:

LIQUID OXYGEN TANK: - From 500 L to 100000 L (Vertical & Horizontal) CAPACITY
Model BST-500 BST-1000 BST-1200 BST-2000 BST-3000 BST-5000 BST-6500 BST-8500 BST-10000 BST-13200 BST-16000 BST-20000 BST-50000 BST-100000
Capacity (Litre) 500 1000 1200 2000 3000 5000 6500 8500 10000 13200 16000 20000 50000 100000
Design Pressure 17 Bar
Design Temperature (-) 196 oC.
Strengthening Test Pressure 25.4 Kg/Cm2g
Service LOX/ LIN/ LAR

Salient Feature
Design Code ASME Section VIII
Div.-1 Edition 2010 with Code Case
2596-1-2011 & SMPV (U) Rules 1981
(Cold stretching)
Type Double walled – Vertical Vessel supported on Legs.
Insulation High Vacuum with perlite filled in annular Space.
Pipe Work Stainless steel pipe work, detachable assembly Through flanged or union joints and pressure Building coil is manufactured of star finned Aluminium construction
Valve (inlet, outlet) Cryogenic valves on liquid lines extended Spindle type of Bestobell valves, U.K. / Mack Cryo/ HEROSE, Germany.
Pressuring & full try cock 20NB/ 15NB extended spindle type.
Safety Relief Valves 2 No. with Divertor Ball Valves,Make – FAINGER LESER/ BRIGHTECH
Bursting Disc 1 No. Safety bursting disc for inner vessel.Make – BS&B Safety System (FMC Sanmar Group)
Cylinder filling connection In built inside thermosyphon piping Arrangement with valves provided to make the Tank suitable for cylinder filling with negligible Losses.

The tank will be fitted with the following :

  • Tank inlet, outlet with cryogenic valves for liquid service.
  • Connection to Vaporizer.
  • Pressurizing coil with pressure build-up valve
  • Full try cock valve.
  • Liquid level indicator (D.P. Type) of General Instruments.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety relief valves – 2 Nos.
  • Rupture disc for inner vessel and safety disc for jacket.
  • Vacuum valve
  • Thermosyphon